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SSI - Try Scuba
Diving for beginners
Ever wanted to know what it's like to experience the feeling of absolute weightlessness?
Are you not sure if diving is the right sport for you and would like to get a taste of it before you take a diving course
Here the doors to a new world are opened. You get a taste of the fascination of "diving" and make your first breath under water.
Here you are right, if you want to get to know this fascinating sport and experience the weightlessness of the underwater world!
After completing the course, each participant will receive a certificate.



*       Minimum age 10 years

*       For minors, the consent of the parent or guardian is required

*       written explanation that the participants can swim

*       written statement that the participants are healthy

*       being able to swim

Course program:


*       practical exercises in the sea (Open Water)

*       LET'S HAVE FUN

The course fee includes:



*       complete diving equipment

*       Brevet



*       ca. 2 hours

Course fee 60,00 €