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You can register by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone/ WhatsApp +385 99 53 75 459

or +385 99 5942 264

Of course, there is always the possibility to drop by spontaneously.



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What we offer


- Introductory dive, one dive to get to know, all-inclusive price incl. equipment

- Children's diving course, from 10 years, responsible supervision by our diving instructors

- Senior diving courses, specially adapted to the wishes of the participants

- Beginner diving course, OWD PADI

- Advanced diving course, AOWD PADI, additional skills, greater safety and therefore more fun diving

- Rescue Diver Course, PADI

- Divemaster Course, PADI

- Specialty Courses, Nitrox, Dry Suit, Navigation, Night Diving, Deep Diving

- Revision of regulator/ 1st stage Scubapro,

- All courses in German

- WiFi at the base

- Dives around Bozava, especially beautiful dives in the nature reserve North West Dudu Otok


What is special about our dive centre?



- The only German diving centre on the island

- Individual care by our diving instructors

- Our diving centre is located directly at the harbour

- The dive sites can be reached in max. 30 minutes

- Extremely good underwater visibility

- Especially beautiful underwater fauna

- Pleasant water and air temperatures until late autumn, no strong Bura winds


We have the licence to dive in the nature reserve Dugi Otok, North-West side