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Course content


a. To give you effortless, relaxed diving that is more fun.

b. To increase your bottom time by reducing air consumption.

c. To give you opportunities to interact positively with U/W creatures.

d. To promote your positive attitude towards PADI's Project AWARE philosophy.

e. To show you how you can help in the conservation of the fragile underwater world.

f. To help prolong the life of your diving equipment through perfect buoyancy

through perfect buoyancy.

g. To improve your skills and diving abilities under supervision.

h. Encourage you to participate in further specialised courses.


2 open water dives


Teaching materials for the course


Recommended materials.

- Peak Performance Buoyancy booklet (which accompanies the video).

- Peak Performance Buoyancy DVD / Video

- Adventures in Diving Manual

- Adventure Log Specialty insert



Participation requirements


In order to participate in the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course, you must

1. be certified as a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or hold a qualifying certification.

2. be at least 10 years old

2. be at least 10 years old.

The Adventure Dive conducted as part of the PADI Adventures in Diving programme.

dive as part of the PADI Adventures in Diving programme may be counted as the first dive for this specialty course.

for this special course



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